Wyoming . . .  "As a retired educator, after 35 years in the classroom, I can appreciate the skill that Dora Hagge exhibits in her glowing color demonstrations and in her lectures . . . . . comprehensive, interesting, knowledgeable and professional.  She is an inspiration to her students."
                                                      J. Welsh, BA, MA
Nebraska . . . "Dora presents design and color theory in such a way that the light bulbs immediately go on in your head and solutions to the problems you have been struggling with become a reality you can deal with." 
                                                     M. Rooney
Maryland . . . "I found Dora's design workshop to be empowering!  I now have the tools to control many aspects of watercolor that previously controlled me."        
                                                    J. Martin
Ohio . . . "I think your workshop this year surpassed the one last year and it was great!  Everyone is still talking about it and planning to return next year. In class, we showed our paintings and we were amazed how much our colors had changed."                   K. Massie
Iowa . . . "I just wanted to thank you for all of the exciting ideas and information you gave me.  It's a big challenge putting them to use.  Please keep on teaching.  You have a great gift to give others."             K. Forbes
West Virginia . . . "Your workshop was the most wonderful study of color and technique.  I remember your wonderful colors and combinations of transparent colors.  I'm afraid that I have been guilty of selectings colors by other suggestions (including the fact that they were less expensive - or so I thought) and after being in your workshop I am convinced that the tools one works with are so valuable.  You are definitely an inspiration to all who cross your path and I truly hope I can join you again next year."
                                                  P. Legg
Indiana . . . "I learned the importance of design and value sketching, color impact, and making a color key.   I hope I can retain a fraction of what I have learned.   Please do come back!"       
                                                  M. Mulligan
Wyoming . . . "Happy and very organized class with excellent emphasis on design and color theory.  Marvelous demonstrations showing methods of planning."           N. Simpson, BFA, MA, MFA
Virginia . . . "It is my belief that sitting at the feet of master painters is extremely valuable, even critical, to the serious art student.  Dora's design workshop is expecially rare, she distills design principles into workable tools . . . you want to go back again and again.  I enjoy going to top workshops.  I automatically sign up for next year."                                             S. Lewis
Nebraska . . . "Without compromising my personal style, it gave me a wealth of information that I could start to use immediately."                                               S. Rouse
Delaware . . . "Thank you for a wonderful week of art instruction in design.  Not even in college did we get what you taught in this workshop.  You are so sharing!  I wasn't really excited about watercolor until I saw how you used color."        D. Bauer
Wyoming . . . "Terriffic workshop.  Very well organized and thought out with many techniques for organizing your thoughts and emotions into a forceful statement.  She shows you how to spend more of your time creating successful paintings and less time trying to bail out problems.  Though this was a design workshop, there were numerous color and painting procedure tips.  Highly recommend it for the competitive artist or one who really just wants to be a better painter."                                             B. Kelley
Missouri . . . "Thank you for inspiring all of our group.  Your personality and talent are wonderful gifts to share!."          V. Whigam  &  M. Rohrbach
Kansas . . . "I took your color class and bought two of your color wheels.  I keep one at work (I work in the advertising department) and I keep one in my studio. They're getting a little dog-eared but I know where I can get more."                                        D. Thomas
Wyoming . . . "Thanks for the best, most understandable watercolor workshop we've had in many years - sure enjoyed it and am consolidating my notes to refresh my old memory.   PS. Thought of hand-outs for hard-of-learning? - couldn't write fast enough.    PPS.  We love ya!"                            B. O'Dell
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Hastings, Nebraska
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Colorado . . . "You always bring joy into our workshops.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge, wisdom, and good humor.  I think of you often, especially when painting, and smile.  Thank you for illuminating my life and showing me how to dream in living color.   I look forward to participating in future workshops with you.
                                                   A. Roche   
Dora Hagge AAPL, KA
Colorado . . . "Thank you for a 'Colorful' and inspiring workshop.  You truly inspire us to soar and reach for our dreams."              M. Trahan
West Virginia . . . "I enjoyed your classes so very much . the best I've taken over the years.  Keep teaching." 
​                                                     P. Crickenberger
                                               West Virginia Watercolor Society
Colorado . . .  "You are the best teacher out there and anyone lucky enough to take your workshop is truly blessed.  You share so much with your students.  Thank you for all you have taught me."    D. Fiechter
Dora Hagge teaches a 7 hour Day at no extra charge

"I teach a 7 hour day instead of the usual 6 hour day.  It has been a tremendous blessing to the artists and to me.  I teach three day or five day workshops.  Artists come to pursue their dreams - and helping them move toward them is one of mine."   
Colorado . . .  "When are you going to write a book?                                                                         D. Augenstein, BA, MA
Colorado . . . "We met yesterday for our weekly aftermoon paint day. I don't know if you know how you changed our lives.  Everyone that took your workshop is different.  We can't wait until next September when we hope you will return for a new workshop." 
                                                                           D. Fiechter   
Colorado Registrar . . . "It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Dora Hagge as a watercolor workshop teacher.  She has taught her brilliantly organized workshop series for eight years annually at the Showcase Art Center.   The workshops are inspirational to beginners while at the same time give professionals a challenge to improve their own skill level.  Dora combines demonstrations, lectures, and student painting time with valuable and sensitive critiques.  Personally I have had the fortune of taking classes from many great painters: Schmidt, Shapiro, Couch, Lynch, Hill, to name a few.  The Dora Hagge workshops are every bit as educational as these great workshop masters and will take your skills to a new level.  She is an inspirational motivational speaker as well."  
                           Colette Pitcher, Artist & Author
                           Owner of Showcase Art Center, LLC in Greeley, CO
                           Author of "Watercolor For Dummies" and "Acrylic For Dummies" 
                                   Wiley Publishing.  Translations - German, Russian, Bulgarian, French
                           e-mail:       [email protected]   
Texas . . .  "We were delighted with the workshops.  Seeing your paintings in person . . . why that was the icing on the cake!  We were all so interested in how you could make your paintings have such glow, and while they were fascinating to see on your web page, seeing them in person was almost breathtaking!
       I am so excited to learn how to get the glow!  I learned more in your workshop than in any workshop I have ever taken.  You brought us tools we can use and helped us "get it" before our last session.  Thank you for coming to Texas."                 C. Hudson
                                                        Hidalgo Watercolor Society

Texas . . . "I want to tell you how wonderful your Luminosity Class was today.  You answered my searching for ways to put light in my paintings.  You gave me the tools to work out a "light" issue I have been working on for over a year.  In all my reading and workshops no one else has hit the right button to bring light and life into my still life painting.  Thank you so much!"
                                                      P. Thurn
                                                      Hidalgo Watercolor Society
Texas . . . "I just want to thank you for the excellent workshop . . . design and preparation concepts, strategies, the thought processes."               M. Wainwright
                                            Hidalgo Watercolor Society
Texas . . . "Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.  I love my Dora brush."
                           D. Thompson
                           Hidalgo Watercolor Society
Nebraska . . .  "Thank you.  You have opened doors to me 
that I never imagined I could walk through.  Your exuberance for painting design, color, and light is contagious.  My desire, to achieve higher levels in these areas, has been ignited by your classes."
                                                     D.  Jones