"The Power Of The Cross"     20 5/8  X  12 3/4   
Watercolor by Dora Hagge, AAPL, KA
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Hastings, Nebraska
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2019  The American Artist Professional League 91st Grand National Exhibition at the prestigious Salmagundi Club Galleries on Fifth Avenue in New York City.

2020  Allied Artists of America 107th Annual Exhibition in New York City.

​This painting gives us a glimpse of the power behind the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.  Jesus has been taken down from the cross and the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove sits on the nail.  Notice the strongest light in the painting radiates out of the dove.  Every other light in the painting bows its knee to the light radiating out of the dove.  The suggestion of a goblet in the right wide blood stream reminds us of Communion. In the left wide blood stream, halfway down, the head of the spear that pierced Jesus' side is visible.