Dora Hagge Color Wheel
It has a center disc that turns to idendify colors 
that vibrate in response to one another.     

Designed for painters by a painter, this color wheel
 helps artists achieve those glowing, vibrating color 
effects that treat the eye.  This is a small working 
wheel that fits in your hand, 4 1/4" x  5 3/4".  The 
center disc identifies vibrating colors.  It was designed 
to help my workshop classes "see" color relationships and 
think thru why one color is a better choice than another.

You learn to paint things the color you need instead of the color 
they are.  Instructions are printed on the back of the wheel.  They 
are explained step-by-step in more detail on a page that comes with the 
wheel.  Color relationships are clearly shown.  You learn to make a simple 
Color Key before you paint.  When you see your colors respond and sing - you know 
your work has the same potential.  It becomes easy to build a color scheme for a painting.

                Color plays on our emotions like music.  
                            When you paint you create music for the eye.

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Dora Hagge AAPL, KA
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"I have had the Dora Hagge Color Wheel for years.  While teaching art, I have found that it is color that gives students the most difficulty.  I have seen students "get it" from this color wheel and the good explanations that accompany it.
    The small size is a painters delight.  I especially appreciate the directional lines to simplify and easily show colors that work together.  It's the best!"  
                                         N. Lucas, Iowa  
Try a small, quick, fun color study and SEE the colors vibrate.  SEE the joy.  
                               Now run with it. 
Artists tell me they use it every time they paint!