The Master's Choice Brushes
#2/0, #10 and #16 watercolor rounds

Made by a USA private label brush maker, these
watercolor brushes  [ #2/0, #10 and #16 ]  were designed for Dora
to match her specific painting style.  They have a little extra snap
and they hold an ultrafine point to paint the detail work, the "Heart,"
that is her trademark.  They hold enough color to splash it on.

These brushes make a pure, clean stroke and the way they respond to the
slightest touch is a joy.  That means you can go from laying on a pure, clean 
swath of rich color to fine detail with just a slight shift in the stroke.  The hair is an
advanced synthetic blend.  It behaves like natural hair but has the advantages 
of a synthetic.  

These fine brushes respond beautifully to the touch of the master!

Artists love them!
One artist told the class if they wanted to buy anymore brushes to do it now because she was going to buy the rest of the big ones and give them to her friends.  A hand went up and waved enthusiastically - "I'm a friend of yours!"

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Dora Hagge AAPL, KA
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"I love your brushes and they have made a special difference in my painting.  I always feel they give me more control!  Keep teaching.  I enjoyed your classes so very much - the best I've taken over the years."   
      P. Crickenberger, WVWS      West Virginia

"I love your brushes.  I haven't found any I like better.  They keep a point and hold more water than others."  
    I. Unruh,  art InstructorKansas